Merrell All Out Blaze Mid Top
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The Good The Bad The Conclusion

  • Very durable hiking shoes with great fit.
  • Fantastic price, often found at retailers for less than $120
  • A pair with great traction which is also really lightweight
  • Great for trail running.
  • Good water resistance although not fully waterproof.

  • Doesn’t really stand out as a hiking shoe for a specific purpose, more of an allrounder
  • The design isn’t something that you will be impressed with
  • The only warranty you get for these shoes is a 1 year limited warranty

Overall the conclusion we’ve made about these hiking shoes is that they

are a great choice if you are looking for shoes that will work great for

day hiking and light trails.

It won’t necessarily impress a lot with the design, as the best looking

model in our opinion is the subtle Black and Gray model,

but the shoes make up for it with great robustness and durability.

We are all on the lookout for comfortable shoes and are willing to go to great lengths to get them. We would try just about anything from light sneakers to heavy duty leather boots just to find what fits our feet the best. The fact that no pair of feet is perfectly the same as the other makes shoes manufacturer’s job even harder. Some are working this out better than others, of course and Merrell happens to come out on top of it more often than not. In this review, we are to take a closer look into Merrell’s Allout blaze, a highly versatile model able to take you a long way whether you are a city crawler or wild lands explorer.

Why do we need better footwear?

A pair of Merrell Allout Blaze hiking boots
If you happen to do a lot of walking, regardless where, you surely have noticed uncomfortable shoes can be quite the hassle to deal with. Blisters, cuts, chaffing or excessive sweating causing unpleasant odor to destroy all life around you – these are real problems that need to be addressed. Just imagine yourself 500 miles from the nearest settlement with feed so achy that you can’t make a single step. Our advice – don’t let that happen in the first place. Get shoes that will keep your feet dry, comfortable and protected!

City vs. nature usage

As hinted previously, this model can adapt itself according to the environment it is placed in. There are people who buy it specifically to use in the city, as they need a comfortable shoe that will not give them any trouble regardless how long they need to walk within a single day. Additional benefit for city users is the above-average ventilation Allout Blaze provides but we will expand on this later in this review. Others (and probably most people if we have to be honest) are grabbing those to go out in the wild and explore muddy bogs and rocky foothills at will. No problem there since these high durability waterproof shoes were designed to handle this kinds of terrain as well. More on durability later in this review.


It is fairly important that the shoes are designed in such fashion to fit various types of foot shapes. Our tests have shown these feel like a perfect fit straight from the box which is always very pleasant and rewarding kind of experience. In addition, we made a bit of a research to find out what others’ experiences were regarding fitting and the same conclusion was confirmed yet again. Full mark in this category.

Size & Weight

Merrell Allout Blaze design

At first glance, the Allout Blaze does appear a bit bulky. There simply could be no denying that. But behind the relatively large profile, one will be surprised how lightweight they are. This seems to be a hallmark in Marrell’s outdoor production line – unnoticeable weight. It is no wonder they emphasize this aspect since high distance walkers and hill climbers will probably dislike the idea of having a pair of iron boxes strapped to their feet in the middle of an adventure. It is likely that you would simply forget you even have shoes while wearing those which is the way shoes ought to be!


Gore Tex Mesh on Merrell Allout Blaze
Now this is something we could simply not omit to mention previously as it is an important milestone in the quest for properly reviewing this model. Merrell’s Allout Blaze thankfully does not suffocate the feet and produces far less unpleasant odor compared to many other shoes we have reviewed in the past. Even if the weather is humid and hot, you can expect these shoes to perform reasonably when it comes to ventilation. Not that they can cut the odor out of the equation completely but in our experience, those shoes rank a bit above the average in this department.


On the matter of comfort, one element needs to be discussed and that is ankle support. If you are in the wild, climbing rocks and passing through rough terrain, your feet will need to be well supported. Merrell’s Allout Blaze provides sufficient ankle support in addition to outstanding overall comfort, giving feet ever-so-slight advantage at the front part of the shoe. This facilitates passing through difficult terrain and mitigates most of the stress from walking over long distances.


A rugged rubber sole on the bottom of the Allout Blaze by Merrell
Let’s face it, this is not a climbing gear kind of model and should not be treated as such. At the same time, since it is designed to be able to weather the storm in tough conditions, one would expect reasonable amount of grip to be provided as well. And one would be right. While we would strongly advice caution when undertaking more risky maneuvers, still the grip of the Allout Blaze does not disappoint.


Moisty and muddy terrain can be a pain to deal with if the shoes you are wearing are not up to the challenge. This is as far as stating the obvious goes. What about the Allout Blaze? Can it handle itself if it gets a bit wet? It sure can. No need to stress yourself out every time you have to go through a small pond but at the same time do not expect miracles. This model does not really hold the candle against, say Lowa Renegade for instance but if you want top notch waterproofing, Merrell’s Allout Blaze is probably not for you.


When one is considering buying one of these models, the question of durability will undoubtedly come at the very forefront of decision making. In our testing and experience, Merrell’s Allout Blaze performed well without visibly taking any damage, even when tested for weeks under hard conditions. That is to say, it seems rock solid as far as the short term is concerned. Whether it can hold it’s own in the long run as well is something we have not yet discovered but by the looks of it, the Allout Blaze will take you a very long way.


If you are looking for a solid all rounder that can take you a long way regardless whether you prefer walking long hours in the city or venturing under harsh conditions out in the wild, you have probably found your shoes. Merrell’s Allout Blaze performs above the average standards on most categories we have managed to test but it is still rather mediocre when it comes to waterproofing. If you anticipate that such conditions will be a constant and there is no way around it, you need to consider strongly before purchasing this model. If however, you expect a rather more mild and welcoming weather and are looking for a durable, comfortable and well ventilated shoes, Merrell’s Allout Blaze will rock your world!

Discounts and Coupons

If you are looking for discounts and coupons on the Merrell All Out Blaze hiking shoes, there are plenty of retailers that sell these shoes online as well as in brick and mortar stores. These shoes are quite desirable because of their amazing features and we have already pointed the reasons why you should consider them, next time you are on a shopping spree for hiking shoes. For the best offers and the lowest price for Merrell All Out Blaze, make sure  to subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll make sure to let you know once the shoes are on sale at one of the major retailers such as Amazon, REI or

Merrell Allout Blaze hiking boots review
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