Hiking gear is really essential if you’re planning to have a good time outside with your friends. Although most of the hiking boots for women that we reviewed are already great and probably 2/3 of them are waterproof, if you plan on doing some hiking which is a little bit more extreme than you might want to keep on reading and see the best waterproof women’s hiking socks and get informed on how to keep your feet wet. Lots of bacteria that lives in the water could cause negative effect on your trip as well as the overall feel of the whole trip, so continue reading and we promise to find a great pair of waterproof socks that will keep your feet warm and healthy throughout your whole journey.

Best Waterproof Socks 2017 for Hiking

The brands that we’ve reviewed offer some really good products, but they are not priced as low as a normal pair of socks. This being said these products are well worth their price and without further ado, we’ll get into their reviews.

Hanz All Season Mid-calf Sock

hanz all season mid calf wateproof socks for hiking
Hanz All Season Mid-calf waterproof socks for hiking

These are the first pair of socks that we will review partially because Hanz were the first brand which decided to send us a pair of their product to review and because we really have only great things to say about these socks. Most waterproof socks are made out of membrane material or materials that don’t really allow for your feet to breathe okay, but this does not seem to be the case with the Hanz hiking socks. Although a pair of these costs more than $20, the price is alright for what you get as there are some features that you will really love such as :

  • 3-layer fabric prevents water from penetrating while allowing perspiration to escape
  • Each sock is high-pressure tested to ensure waterproof performance
  • Lightweight
  • Feel great on your feet

These features are all great and you can expect the socks to withstand water and keep your feet dry, but they are not magical. They wouldn’t really work well if you decide to go rafting with them or to start swimming with them. If you do decide to wear them with boots that are not water proof though, with breathing vents, they will do just fine. Their 4 star rating (out of 5) means that you can expect really good quality of this product. We did decide not to get any more into the Hanz All-Season Mid-calf sock, but if you do want to read some more or simply order them you can do so by following this link.

The Sealskinz Waterproof Crew Sock Blk

sealskinz waterproof all season socks for hiking
Seal Skinz Waterproof All Season Socks for hiking

Another example of how a sock could also be waterproof is the Sealskinz Waterproof Crew Sock – Blk, which costs about $30. A pair of these Sealskinz really be a fantastic choice for a professional hiker, who does extreme trekking into lakes, puddles or even running water such as rivers and such. These socks might cost a bit more, but with this price you get the highest quality on the market. Although this is just the second pair of socks that we reviewed, which works for hiking. These are also mid-calf in height/lenght and work fantastic. If you didn’t know that these are actually also made by Hanz, which are pretty much the best when it comes to producing waterproof products anyway and their waterproof gloves are just as good. After we’ve said that there are some features of the Sealskinz that we’d like to go through such as:

  • Basic waterproof design. Mid-calf height (11″)
  • Stretch-to-fit. Seamless design provides the ultimate in performance and comfort.
  • Three layers, securely bonded together throughout.

A fantastic bargain if you think about it these would keep your feet warm and would save you the awful inconvenience of having your feet freeze during a hike. It will never hurt to have an extra pair of socks in your backpack and you’ll never trust just one pair of socks to last you throughout an entire trip without a problem, but if you own a pair of these, you just won’t need another one for sure. Their rating is 4.8 out of 5, which should be a good enough statement of the product’s quality. There is a lot more information that you can get on the Sealskinz Waterproof Crew Sock Blk-lg 21094 page.

CAMARO Titanium 1mm Waterproof Thermo Long Socks

camaro titanium 1mm waterproof socks for hiking
CAMARO Titanium 1mm Waterproof Thermo Long Socks for hikers

This pair of waterproof socks is perfect if you want to have socks on your feet that feel like a second skin. They are truly comfortable and will fit in the tightest shoes, so if you’ve bought a pair of hiking shoes that do not fit you well enough, the Camaro Titanium 1mm sock will be a great choice for you. These cost a bit more than the Hanz models, at around $35, but they are also worth every dime and here’s why:

  • Titanium accessories fit like a second skin
  • Shake it out once and it’s dry technology making them simply irreplaceable.
  • Highly elastic and extra warming material – best wearing comfort
  • Suitable for hiking, diving, surfing, kayak and sailing as well as stand up paddle boarding
  • Extra-thin: ideal for wearing underneath

If you’re planning on going on the hiking trails where waterproof socks are an absolute necessity, a pair of these Camaros will work really well and the fact that they are so long, is just another thing in our pro’s list.

The only downside of these is that they do not let your feet breathe as much as the other two models, because of the material they are made out of. They might trap some sweat inside, but won’t let any water to come from the outside. Our recommendation for these socks would be to buy a pair which is one size smaller than the size of the boots you usually wear, because this will make sure that they are tight on your feet and not loose, preventing the water to come in. They do fit over regular socks to prevent them of getting wet as well, so you could try that too!

Find out what else you could do with these as well as where you could buy a pair of the CAMARO Titanium 1mm Waterproof Thermo Long Socks.

HydroSkin G3 Socks by NRS

hydroskin g3 waterproof socks for hiking
HydroSkin G3 waterproof Socks for hiking by NRS

Yet another great pair of waterproof socks for hiking which we’re going to review today is the Hydroskin G3 by NRS. NRS is a company which also specializes in producing high quality outdoor activity products for hikers, surfers, snowboarders, you get the point. We won’t get into so much details on this particular model, because we didn’t get to test them ourselves, but here’s what we found on the manufacturer’s page:

  • Terraprene neoprene
  • 0.5 mm neoprene
  • ThermalPlus cropped-fleece lining
  • TiCoat insulation, Odor-fighting antimicrobial treatment
  • 4-way-stretch PowerSpan outer layer

The prices of the NRS waterproof hiking socks is about $24-$30 but that’s pretty much all we can say about this product. Some of the customers which have taken the time to review this hiking pair of socks have said the following:

I recently put these socks to the test in 50 degree water.Used in conjunction with neoprene river shoes. I use them for kayak fishing.Feet submersed in water 15-20 minutes at a time before pushing on. I was pleased for their durability, comfort,thermal quality, and construction. Would recommend a thicker neoprene product for cooler water. Also order at least 1 size larger than normal. I ordered 2 x my normal size and am pleased with the fit

I purchased these for a hike with friends up the Virgin River in Zion Utah in October. They worked great. The fit was good and neoprene kept my feet really warm during our four hour hike up the narrows.

There are more reviews that could give you lots of more info about this particular product if you want to know more about them, by following this link – HydroSkin G3 Socks by NRS.

We hope that this review of the best waterproof socks for hiking would have been enough to make you pick one of them and if not, there are plenty of other models that you can chose from if you browse the links above.

We wish you a happy dry and waterproof hiking with your new socks next time! – The Hiking Gear Guru Team



Best waterproof socks for hiking 2017
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