Best Merrell Hiking Boots and Shoes 2016

So, you have decided that Merrell is your brand of choice for the next pair of hiking boots you buy. Well if you have already selected the brand and are not really sure about the specific pair of boots, this is the right place to get information about their best models this year. Keep in mind that this list is updated every year, so even though the models of most brands keep their name throughout the years, some of their features are upgraded and that’s why in some instances, the same model could take the second place one year, but take  the crown by being named the best Merrell hiking boots the next year.

For this particular review, we have only selected the top 5 models that Merrell has to offer, but don’t worry because on our website you can find detailed reviews about almost all of the models they offer.

So let’s not waste any more time and get straight into the list with the top 5 hiking boots by Merrell.

Hiking Gear Guru Rankings #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Prices ~ $120
Compare prices
~ $125-$130
Compare prices
Compare prices
~ $110
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~ $165
Compare prices
20/25 21/25
Durability 17/25 20/25 15/25 17/25 20/25
Ankle Support 22/25 18/25 16/25 20/25 19/25
Average rating out of 5 4,4721 4,621 4,662 4,537 4,592
Weight in lbs 2,5 lbs 2,7 lbs 2,9 lbs 2,1 lbs 3,0 lbs
Weight in kgs 1,155 kgs 1,215 kgs 1,325 kgs 0,957 kgs 1,390 kgs
Number of Reviews 897 630 119 293 792
Sizes Available EU 37-47.5 37-48 37-48 37-47.5 37-47.5
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Year of Model Release 2014 2015 2015 2015 2014

Table of Content 

  • Which Hiking Shoe has the best traction
  • Which is the best shoe for fast hiking
  • Which is the best shoe for Thru-hiking
  • Which is the most comfortable hiking shoe
  • Which hiking shoe offers the best ankle support
  • What is the most versatile hiking shoe
  • What is the best waterproof hiking shoe
  • Which is the most durable hiking shoe

  • Why should you trust our opinion
  • How we tested these hiking shoes
  • Where can I buy these 

Why you should trust us

Well, first and foremost because we get real serious when it comes to data and stats. Like previously mentioned, we can’t own each and every model as the price of all Merrell hiking shoes range as it would simply bankrupt us. Rather than doing this and reviewing every model that the company has to offer, we took another approach. We decided to look at the data on Amazon, Backcountry, Zappos, the Merrell brand website and each retailer online that we could find which sells Merrell shoes and we put all the data into spreadsheets and tables and all other types of data visualization software and we got the following results about the top Merrell shoes for men and women. Keep in mind that Merrell hiking boots for women and Merrell hiking boots for men are rated differently as men and women apparently rate the features of the shoes and boots differently. Although a good shoe is a good shoe and both men and women have pretty much similar ratings for the different models, but there were some instances in which the ratings varied a lot.

Best Merrell Hiking boots for Men

Considering the amount of reviews we gathered for this article we have concluded  that the highest rated Merrell hiking boots were the Merrell Pulsate Mid Waterproof. With an average rating of 4.632 out of 5, the Merrell Pulsate Mid Waterproof is a formidable pair of shoes, that all other brands should recon with. Not only that but the Merrell Pulsate Mid Waterproof actually has over 300 reviews online that we collected this data from, which tell us a lot about these boots’ capabilities. This Merrell product is also quite affordable, with it’s price in the range between $79,93-$140.

As the name suggests these boots are waterproof, so using them on muddy trails or even for hiking through a river bed shouldn’t cause a problem. We know that the name Merrell is a synonym for quality and obviously these boots are pure quality as well. We decided to quote some of the more interesting reviews we found about the Merrell Pulsate Mid Wateproof to let you know what the real buyers who’ve already owned these boots for a while think of the model

I never owned a set of Merrell footwear but the price point and reviews made these seem like a good choice for a summer weight waterproof boot. I have owned just about every brand and I have to admit these are now one of my favorite brands. Supremely comfortable. Initially I thought that they fit a little tight but after wearing them around the house for two days they conformed wonderfully. In Keen and other brands, I wear an 11 1/2 US size and ordered these Merell Pulsates in 11 1/2 and with minimal break in, found them lightweight and comfortable. Really lightweight and comfortable almost like shoes. I also liked the fact that they were waterproof and breathable – which surpsingly is hard to find in footwear, especially for hot summer temperatures

Here are also a few of the features of the Merrell Pulsate Mid for Men.

  • Weight 1 lb 2oz / 499 grams
  • Sizes available US 7 through 14.5
  • Additional odour prevention
  • Nubuck and suede leather uppers with an abrasion resistant toe bumper.


Best Merrell Hiking boots for Women

As we noted in the beginning of this review of the top Merrell hiking boots for women and men, there’s a bit of a difference on what the different sexes look for in terms of features and quality, as well as design. The top model for women that Merrell has to offer is as it turns out – drumroll please …

Merrell Mojave Mid Waterproof. No surprise that women also chose a waterproof model, as most hiking enthusiasts tend to look for a boot with as many features as possible, and the Mojave Mid incorporates a lot for a pretty reasonable price. The ratings that we found about the Merrell Mojave Mid Waterproof for women were really impressive. With an average rating of 4,7213 across 4 online retailers it’s quite reasonable to say that that’s one of the top hiking shoes for women – period.

The prices at which you can buy this model from the American shoe maker are anywhere between $95,97 – $137 on Amazon, but unfortunately this model is quite outdated nowadays and there’s a limited quantity and a limited number of places where you can find them. We forgot to tell you about the over 170 people that bought these boots, approximately 80% of which rated it wit 5 stars out of 5.

Not too shabby if you ask us and although the most popular days of these boots may be in the past, we hope that Merrell will come up with a suitable replace of this amazing model, as women definitely seem to love it!

Best Merrell Hiking shoes for Men

There’s a big difference between hiking shoes and hiking boots, but the good thing is that Merrell offers both types. It doesn’t matter if you are a heavy hiker or you simply enjoy a casual trail walk from time to time, this company covers all demographics and types of hikers. As we already told you about the best boots, it’s time to let the people searching for shoes to know which is the best choice if they’re looking for Merrell hiking shoes. In this case we were actually a bit surprised, as the winner in this category wasn’t the model we would have honestly picked, but as they say Vox Populi, Vox Dei, or in other words, the people’s voice is the voice of God. So without being biased, we’ll simply give you the raw numbers and you can do whatever you want with them. Just kidding, there’s no surprise here either. The shoes that people liked the most were the same as the boots, but that should also be surprising, because the difference between boots and shoes in this case is pretty much the materials used to make the two models. There’s shoes are also lighter, not that durable, but that’s to be expected from shoes compared to hiking boots no matter the maker or the models used in the comparison. The number of reviews that we reviewed and calculated here were not that as many as with the other models included in this list. The average rating for the Merrell Pulsate Waterproof hiking shoes was 4,7089 from 57 reviews. We believe that even 57 reviews are enough to make a pretty solid point.

Here is one of the reviews we found to be specifically interesting and inclusive of the things most people might wonder about:

Just got my second pair. I originally had the Moab and switched to the Pulsate because the reviews said its toe box is larger. Having wide feet and finding the Moab a bit snug, this appealed greatly. They turned out to fit me perfectly. I had trouble finding the size I needed in stock this time and had to go with a different color than my first pair; I read somewhere that this model has in fact been discontinued. Hopefully they’ve got a sequel in the works.

As you can see these would be great for you if you have wide feet. Some of the customers actually stated that this is the best Merrell hiking shoe for men with wide feet, but that’s something we’ll get to a little later.

Best Merrell Hiking shoes for Women

This time the model is fairly new, so you don’t need to worry about buying and old model. The best rated hiking shoes for women by Merrel for 2016 turned out to be  the Merrell Women’s Capra Waterproof Hiking Shoes. A pair of these could set you back with anything from $70-$150 depending on the size and color scheme you chose. The Merrell Capra actually also has a hiking boot equivalent, but it doesn’t do so good in terms of ratings for one reason or another. Merrell are notorious for making fantastic trail running shoes as well with the Capra waterproof being a good example of such shoes for multiple outdoor activities. As a matter of fact the women rated this model really high in terms of comfort and as it turns out some of them that have already bought the shoes use them for other activities, not only outside, but for  things such as going to the Gym.

The Capra hiking shoes are lightweight, comfortable and something really important for the females, offer a really wide variety of color combinations.

The average rating for the Capra Hiking Shoes for women is 4,572, but the low amount of reviews here might be a bit misleading, so we’ll keep an eye once they increase and adjust them accordingly. As of today – 01.06.2016 we only saw 37 reviews from the 4 main online retailers of hiking gear. Hopefully these reviews were honest and true. We do have a thorough review of the Merrell Capra GTX Mid hiking boots for women here, but we have’t been able to get our hands on the shoes yet. We’d love to get a pair and do a more  thorough review, so shoutout to Merrell.

One of the more interesting reviews that we came across on Amazon is this one:

I have very wide feet so to find a hiking shoe that meets this requirement was important. I walked in these shoes for two hours to take a test run before the backpacking trip we just took 5 days ago. My left foot was uncomfortable across the ball of my foot. It felt tight. I loosened the laces and took them for another test run, 4 hours the next day. I noticed the material on the tongue near my toes had bunched up, which was uncomfortable. I pulled the tongue to take up the material and it solved the issue. (This could have been a manufacturing defect- the way it was sewn) With the loosened laces in the toe area they were super comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised with the arch support. I have really high arches and these shoes definitely provided the needed support. I wear a size 7 and ordered the 7 and they fit great!
Out on the trail I was able to scale rocks without slipping, good comfort for carry my 40lb pack and I didn’t have any blisters or marks. I wore them the three days I was in the backcountry and they handled the terrain exceptionally well.

How about the data used

Well here is a quick breakdown of the sample size we had.

  • 32 Models
  • 10786 customer reviews
  • 6 online retailers
  • 2 brick and mortar retailers (used only for price comparison)
  • 15 Merrell models for Women
  • 16 Merrell models for Men

The final stats show the following:

  • Average lowest price was $99,37
  • Average highest price was $161,07
  • Average rating over 10786 reviews – 4,453721 (you get the point)



Where can I buy the best hiking shoes for men

Well most of the models we have included in this review of Merrell products could be purchased online and honestly that’s your best way of getting a better price. We’ve got a ton of information about why buying hiking shoes online is better that you could check out. The widest variety of Merrell products and that’s not only shoes is obviously Amazon. Another option would be to go to or Another major retailer which sells hiking shoes and more specifically products by Merrell is

Depending on where you live, the website of Merrell could also work, but weirdly, Amazon has even better prices than them.

To sum things up, here are the top 4 places online where you could buy Merrell boots or shoes for hiking




Which Merrell hiking shoe has the best traction


After carefully reviewing the reviews of each model that the brand makes and reading each comment online, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Merrell Moab Ventilator Waterproof is almost certainly the model with the best overall traction. People have been thoroughly impressed by the traction provided by them and this is to be expected as the Moab Ventilator Waterproof has a Vibram outsole with special design to improve traction.

The added value here is that the Moab Ventilator Waterproof is not a heavy model either, so they work for a day packing, just as good as they would for doing the full Appalachian Trail over the course of a month or so.

Which are the best men’s shoes for fast hiking


Fast hiking requires a light shoe, which has a good bottom sole. There’s a need for a good bottom sole, because trail running is a heavy cardiovascular exercise, which without proper gear or preparation could lead to bad injuries. With that in mind, we’ve conclude that the top choice here would be the Capra GTX Sport for Men. As good as they are for running on a trail, they’re even better for fast hiking, especially if you get the Mid top model, which offers additional ankle support.

Most comfortable Merrell hiking boots

As far as comfortable goes, Merrell definitely knows a thing or two about improving it. Most Merrell models are known to be extremely comfortable In fact there isn’t really an uncomfortable model that the manufacturer makes, unless you have wide feet for example. We wish that there were more specific ratings on things such as durability, versatility and most importantly comfort levels. Unfortunately there’s no such rating on the retail sites and we simply don’t have the data to let you know which the most comfortable hiking boot model of Merrell is. We did read tons of reviews online, but we couldn’t find a lot of information about this specific detail, which was extremely odd. Once we have reviewed each model Merrell has to offer.

Discounts and Coupons on Merrell hiking boots

Finding coupons and discounts on Merrell products is not easy. Such discounts are actually not really available year round and you really need to be on the lookout for them to be able to save a few dollars. So far we don’t really have any links for you, but we’re working on getting an exclusive coupon that you could use from us, to purchase products directly from Merrell’s website. Hopefully they’ll agree to provide us with a discount coupon for hiking boots or shoes, but so far we’ve got nothing as disappointing as this may sound.

If you wish to be the first to find out about such discounts or coupons on Merrell products, please subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll make sure to keep you updated on such things.

Best Rated Merrell Hiking Boots
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