Best hiking sandals for women 2017

Women's sandals for hiking and walking 2017 review

Well after reviewing some of the best hiking shoes in 2014, we decided that it would be a great idea to get into the best Sandals available to hikers all over the world this year. Fortunately or not the brands that are included in this review are pretty much the same ones we reviewed in the best hiking boots for women post. Well at the very least all of the hiking sandals that you see here are produced by the best brands in the industry, so their quality is unquestionably good. Without any further ado, let’s get in to this year’s review of the best sandals on the market!


Fastest drying sandals for women

If you like spending your time near water, chilling near lake Michigan or enjoy stand up paddle-boarding then a quick drying pair of sandals is probably a good choice. Although we couldn’t really replicate the exact same conditions when we tested which pair of hiking sandals dries the quickest, the conditions were pretty similar and enabled us to get results, which were different enough to distinguish that one of the models dries way quicker than any other on this review.

The winner of the fastest drying pair of walking sandals for women is the Columbia Sunbreeze. In combination with the great overall traction of these sandals, they are simply perfect for a vacation by the ocean or simply a great day by the lake. Like we mentioned these sandals might be the best sandals for stand up paddle boarding and one of our editors in staff actually decided to keep a pair for just that outdoor activity. Obviously the Columbia Sunbreeze has many other applications and is a great overall pair of sandals that will dry out under the sun for less than 20 minutes, if the temperature is high enough. If you need fast drying hiking sandals, the Columbia Sunbreeze is by far the best choice out there.

The Teva Tirra 

The Teva Tirra has the best footbed and best heel support and comfort of all the sandals we tested this year. The other fantastic feature on the Teva Tirra is that it has multiple adjustable straps that help keep your feet right where they should be. The arch support is also good and this model is also pretty stylish, something that you’ll probably look for when you’re on a search for summer shoes to let your feet breathe. Oh and talking about breathing, your feet won’t have any problem to get all the necessary air they might need and also another thing that’s quite important to mention here is that the Teva Tirra dries pretty quickly, giving the second best time in drying time – which is approximately 30 minutes, when left under the sun on a fairly hot day. If you are looking for hiking sandals for stand up paddle boarding these would also do great, because they also offer tremendous grip and actually impressed us because of said grip. They handle themselves pretty well even on more “extreme” trails and hikes, so that’s another thing we had to consider when we named the Teva Tirra our top pick for 2016.

The Keen Newport 2

Keen are a renowned name when it comes to hiking sandals for both women and men. The Newport 2 is not an exception to this stellar reputation that the company has been building for years. Altough the look of the Keen Newport 2 might not be the best out of the bunch, these sandals do have a lot of things that compensate for it. The traction, the comfort and the feel of these sandals are really fantastic. The thing that stands out most is the fit. These sandals fit like a glove and will provide all the support you need if you really take them hiking and not just for the beach. Don’t get us wrong though, the Keen newport 2 is a great pair of sandals for the beach too, but they do have a tendency to dry out a little slower, which could be a bit unpleasant, especially in combination with the exercise of putting them on. By being so good for the trails the Keen Newport 2 actually missed the possibility to be used for going out around San Juan for example. A lot of women that are looking for hiking sandals would love to be able to use them for a stroll around the city they’ve visited for the Summer vacation, but the design of the Newport 2, just doesn’t allow that. Unfortunately this fact, combined with the sandals not being the lightest out of the 5 top models for 2016 took it down to the second place this year.

Columbia Sunbreeze

The Columbia Sunbreeze is the ugly duckling in the review this year. There’s always one model that doesn’t quite cut it in terms of design and although this year we have the Keen Newport 2 also in the race for worse design, the Columbia Sunbreeze takes this prize. By no means does this mean that these are really ugly or anything like that, and we actually liked their minimalistic design, but some women do complain about not being able to combine them with lots of clothes. This is not the only prize it takes though, as it’s also the cheapest alternative you have for getting a pair of first class hiking sandals. These lightweight sandals will also offer the most flexible sole and are the fastest drying sandals on the list. We actually couldn’t believe just how quickly these dry out, especially if you leave them under the sun on a hot sandy beach for example. You won’t be able to say “are these dry yet” before the Columbia Sunbreeze is ready to slip on your foot again. At one point the Columbia Sunbreeze was on sale at for just $37, so hop on there and get a pair of these sandals before they get back to their regular price



Older hiking sandals for women on sale

Teva Womens Neota Sandal - contender for best hiking sandals for women in 2014

You can get the Teva Tirra Sandals at the best price from here

Features of this pair ot hiking sandals for women:

  • Really open and breathable
  • Made out of 15% textile and 85% leather – both really durable
  • Really comfortable for all day use
  • Encapsulated Shoc Pad in the heel for shock absorption
  • Uses a hook and loop instep and slingback strap
  • Comfort Tec® removable sockliner
  • Lightweight
  • Great for light hiking or casual walking
  • Perfect for wide feet

The Teva women’s Neota Sandal is the first contender in this list as we decided to start lightweight and see where this leads us. These sandals are really comfortable and pretty durable considering the minimal amount of leather and textile that went into their production. With a customer rating of 4.5 out of 5, I’d say that they are where they should be. As far as where you could go hiking with them, honestly there are no limitations in terms of grip, but I wouldn’t advise you going to any hill climbing or hiking to a place where sharp stones could be found. Unfortunately these Teva sandals are more of a casual sandal rather than a hiking pair of equipment for the hardcore enthusiasts, because of their lack of front protection. There isn’t any rubber toe protection here, so going hill climbing with them is really not a good idea. If you are going on a trip to Maui for example though, these would serve you great and would last more than a few holidays!

Keen Newport 2 Womens Sandals

Anhu's contender for best hiking sandals for women in 2014


Features of this pair ot hiking sandals for women:

  • Textile made
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Available in four color schemes
  • Integrated webbing
  • Integrated quick drying mesh in case the sandals get wet
  • Great arch support
  • Cost only about 60$
  • Uses a TPU heel strap

 Although we picked a pretty neutral color for our featured image of the Ahnu Womens Tilden IV Sandal it’s good to know that there are a couple of combinations which are way more eye catching and if that’s your thing, the Anhu sandals would do a great job for you. These hiking sandals are a great example of what Anhu is good at. These sandals have a perfect arch support and if you’re looking for supportive sandals that won’t make your feet hurt after being on them for a whole day, these might be the perfect choice for you. Actually with a rating of 4.7 out of 5, these are on the high end of the customer review scale, only trailing behind one of the other models and with a price tag starting at around 60$, they are the choice of the confident and stylish woman. Unfortunately Anhu doesn’t have any other contenders in the 2016 hiking sandal list, but this one represents the company really well if you ask me.

If you like the Anhu Womens Tilden sandals, you can check some of their other reviews or buy them here

Columbia Womens Sunbreeze Sandals

Keen sandals a contender for 2014 best hiking sandals for women choice

Click here to see other people’s reviews and compare prices of the people’s choice – the Columbia Womens Sunbreeze 

Features of this pair ot hiking sandals for women:

  • Textile made
  • Machine washable
  • With rubber sole
  • Amazing comfort
  • Contoured Phylon Midsole
  • Metatomical EVA footbed
  • Huge variety of color variations

If you are looking for a sandal that you wouldn’t want to take off, these ones are definitely a great pick. The Venice H2 is pretty much the complete solution that you want. Flexible, with waterproof textile which is also machine washable. What more could you ask from a hiking sandal? Well how about the grip, after all you will be taking these babies up in the mountain. In terms of grip the Venice H2 offered by Keen is probably the winner of our 2016 review. These hiking sandals are like no other when it comes to climbing steep hills and walking around tough terrains. Even on sharp rocks a pair of these Keen sandals would take you without a problem, but if you are not the hiking fanatic I was describing, know that once you put a pair of these in the Summer, you might not want to take them off until the next Summer. Some customers have even considered wearing these sandals with socks during the Winter, so if you weren’t impressed by anything so far, this is something that you should consider. Great for other outdoor activities like gardening, casual walks and even at the beach this Venice 2 model is too good to be true. Well not really, as it comes at a price – but most of the times quality comes at a price and this is the case here. Starting at just around 90$, these are about 30% more expensive then the previous model we talked about by Anhu, but worth every dime.

Keen Womens Hurricane XTL Hiking Sandal

Teva's contender for the best hiking sandals for women in 2014

Features of this pair ot hiking sandals for women:

  • Synthetic
  • Great traction of both your feet on the sandal and the sandal on every surface
  • Gusseted tongue locks out debris
  • Super lightweight
  • Offers great comfort to your feet
  • Lots of points to adjust to your feet
  • Collapsible for travel efficiency

The Keen Hurricane XTL is a sturdy sandal made out of synthetic polyester which is both a pro and a con for it. These are extremely comfortable to wear, but at the same time not great if you’re going to wear them for long hours at a time. Without any toe protection, these are more of a casual hiking sandal pair than anything, but are still great to wear on the beach or even in the forest. They provide plenty of grip, but still don’t achieve the great results their more expensive competitors do. That being said these female sandals are perfect for the beginner hiking woman, as they are the cheapest pair by far. At around a quarter of the price of the Venice 2 and around half the price of the other sandal models, the Barracuda’s price starts at around 27-28$ per pair and is a great choice for anyone who’s not looking to spend a fortune. Keep in mind that if you have sensitive skin, the straps of these could make you blisters if you wear them for more than 3-4 hours a day.

Merrell Enoki Womens Sandal

Teva 2nd contender for the best hiking sandals for women in 2014

Features of this pair ot hiking sandals for women:

  • Synthetic and mesh
  • Vibram sole
  • Lightweight
  • Lots of openings for comfort and breathability
  • Lots of points to adjust to your feet
  • Waterproof
  • Rubber toe protector and a shock pad heel
  • Manmade sole

Check out more of the features that these Teva sandals got to offer

With this pair of hiking sandals for women, Teva completely steel the show. With 3 out of 5 contenders from the same brand it’s safe to say that Teva are a serious brand with great production of sandals for hikers and hiking enthusiasts. Their female series are a product of a lot of research and fill in almost every price range from the cheapest to the most expensive sandals this year. If anyone had told me that in 2016 Teva would rule the hiking sandal market for women, I probably wouldn’t have believed it as there are brands like Keen (which are without a doubt still on top of their game here), but they just don’t offer such a variety as Teva. The Omnium sandals are pretty much right in the middle range with prices starting at around 50$ and even though they look more like shoes then sandals, believe me when I tell you that they are sandals and a good pair of sandals too. Waterproof and with plenty of openings for excess water to run out of, these are great even for outdoor activities such as canooeing, rafting and a ton more. They do actually provide a lot of grip on many types of terrain as well and their protective rubber toe and shock pad heel make them pretty much a complete choice for an intermediate or even a moderate hiking enthusiast. 

I hope you enjoyed this review and liked the models we had to offer and although most of the models are from Teva, keep in mind that there’s a huge difference between the different Teva models themselves. As a conclusion I’d have to say that our winner is actually the Keen Venice 2 and the 5th spot would probably be taken by the Teva Barracuda, but these sandals are still the best pick when it comes to hiking sandals for women in 2016. We’ll try to keep this post updated with the latest info throughout 2016 as well and hopefully there would be more models to include.

If you have any questions that we might be able to help or any comments on the models you’ve read about above, feel free to drop us a line in the comments down below.

Best walking sandals for women

Chaco Womens ZX 2 Walking Sandals

At just around eleven ounces these sandals are one of the best ones you could find for walking or hiking. Obviously the best sandals for walking would need to be comfortable and the Chaco Unaweep is pretty much the definition of that word. Extremely attractive and with beautiful styling these sandals are offered in a variety of colors as well. They are also super lightweight and the people from Chaco that designed them had the Earth in mind, as they have used really eco-friendly materials involved in the mass production of these walking sandals. There are adjustable straps on them ensuring a perfect fit for every type of feet, something we don’t see that often with other models even in the year 2016. This model produced by Chaco is really highly rated by it’s owners and from what we at the HikingGearGuru have seen the model does offer tremendous arch support. This model is also true to it’s length and width. The cons of every pair of Chaco Unaweep is the price point which sadly enough starts from around 85 dollars. This particular model is one of the most expensive sandals we’ve reviewed and although it does offer some really nice features for walking around lightweight, but as we said their price is a bit high and this makes their overall rating from us a bit lower.

There’s another awesome model offered from Chaco which we really like and deserves to be on the best walking sandals for women list There’s the Chaco Womens ZX/2 which looks quite like the Unaweep sandal model, but comes at a a price which is a bit lower than the one of the other model. These walking sandals also offer awesome support and honestly the only difference you’l notice won’t be in their performance, sturdiness or anything like that, but their looks. We have to admit that both models look really good and if you’re not going on a hiking trip in the forest where you’ll need a bit more protection, these sandals would do great for walking around town for example.

As a name brand which is well known throughout the trekking community, there’s are obviously more models that we had included from Teva which fit in this walking sandals category. Their Tirra Athletic model looks a lot like the Barracuda but is made out of different materials which make it easier for your feet to breathe as there isn’t that much nylon material involved in their production. We would really recommend this model of hiking sandals for people that are looking for low-budget sandals as they aren’t really the best out there, but at just around 40$ the Teva Tirra Athletic is a steal. Check out more about them by clicking down below

Teva Womens Tirra Athletic walking sandals


Best beach sandals for women

Let’s be honest, some people that buy hiking or walking sandals are only going to use them when they go to the beach, thus we’ve decided to put a section with what we think are the best beach sandals for women in 2016. Beach sandals usually need to be lightweight, easy to take off and easy to clean as well. So we’ve picked some of the best beach sandals you can get online now. Take into consideration that most of the sandals in this particular list are from high-end brands and will cost a bit more, but deserve their prices.

The first model we at the HikingGearGuru have for the beach lovers is the Keen Bali. This particular model really deserves to be on this list as it has all these features that we’ve listed above such as

  • Being lightweight
  • Being easy to take off
  • Being extremely easy to clean from the sand

If you’re interested in more about the Keen Bali Sandals you can check more about them by following the link below

Keen Womens Bali Beach Sandals 2014


You can be sure that a pair of these sandals or flip-flops will last you a really long time and with it’s flawless design which is effortlessly classy you can use them as long as you’d like. The price of just around 30-40$ makes them a really great fit for a lady on a budget. We’ll add more beach sandal models as the sandal making companies have released lots of models in 2016 that fit our requirements for the best beach sandals for women that we’re also sure every lady will love.

Best hiking sandals reviews – 2016

best hiking sandals for women 2014

Although we have not updated this list in the past year or so, the truth is that the companies have not introduced lots of new models that have been worth mentioning or adding to our list. We will update a chart with the best vendors where you could get these hiking sandals nowadays and although this update has not taken place yet, we will make sure to add the chart in the next week or so. For what it’s worth we still think that the models offered by Keen, Chaco and Teva are still ruling the sandals market for women in 2016. In reality

As you know we do this for our readers and all of the models reviewed here have been purchased by Nextweb Ltd. in order to offer you unbiased reviews of each of these products.

We believe that 2017 will be much better than last year was and it has definitely brought a lot of great products for women all around the world to choose from. These walking and hiking sandals are a testimony that the world of hiking, trekking and in one world outdoor footwear is evolving and it is constantly bringing newer and better products. Although there are new models each year and 2017 is no exception, the brands that continue to offer the best models are still the same. With Keen, Teva and Chaco on our list year in and year out, we are looking forward to the time when other brands will step-up their game and start offering a high quality sandal for everyday use, which works on hiking trips without compromising quality. If you believe that your brand has a pair of high quality hiking sandals for women, please reach out to us via the contact form and let us know about your product. We will love to add a few new models from different brands this year and offer a wider variety to women that love the outdoors.

Best hiking sandals for women 2017
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