Hiking pants for women comparative review

Every trip requires a degree of preparation in the form of a bare minimum of supplies and clothes. Choosing your equipment wisely will enable you to maintain comfort while relying on special features such as better mobility or weather resistance. Selecting the right pants for the next outdoor adventure could mean a world of hassle if one is unprepared with the right tools to compare different models. This article will help you navigate you search experience through a comprehensive analysis of several hand-picked and thoroughly tested models. Their breathability and comfort were tested over many trips and outdoor adventures including but not limited to biking, climbing, hiking, approaching and even long passes through tropical and desert-like areas. We went far and wide and travelled hundreds of miles over many months in order to push the limits of these models and give you the most accurate review. You can find a breakdown of the evaluation criteria as well as other useful information down below.

Main Types of Hiking Pants for Women

Before diving into the different types of hiking pants for women, we need to take a look into the usability they may offer as well as weather resistance and style which are important in different situations. Special features are also important and an example of that is the feature of zipping off the lower part of the pants in order to convert them to shorts. Another similar example concerning convertibility is the option to roll up the lower part, effectively achieving long Capri length or even the best convertibility option to be able to do both like Marmot Lobo’s The North Face Paramount Convertible II Pants – Women’s.

We observe three primary types of pants:

Best Standard Hiking pants for women

As the name itself suggest, these are the models that sadly offer no versatility whatsoever compared to roll up and zip off models which can convert into shorter versions and adapt to warmer weather conditions. Standard pants, however, still remain usable because some travellers simply choose destinations requiring no adaptability of this sort or because for the most part, the pants are also usable in every day life. They still provide excellent mobility as well as breathability and style which make up for a solid cocktail of great features. Patagonia Simple Guide Pants and Arc’teryx Palisade Pants were the models of our choice from this pants type.

Best Roll up Hiking Pants for Women

This type of pants offers the option of rolling up the pants to ¾ size, thus effectively achieving better ventilation in warmer weather conditions. It could also come down to style and particular day preference because essentially, these models offer 2 pairs of pants for the price of one which is a deal in and of itself. The model we tested was Kuhl splash roll up pant which handled itself well when put to the tests of climbing, hiking and wading through water.

Best Zip off Hiking Pants for Women

With this particular type of women pants we always observe the added zipper that allows for the lower part of the pants to be removed completely typically between the knee and upper hip part. Such models sometimes also include the option of roll up but not all models have it and therefore we consider the zip off type as somewhat of a hybrid in this regard. This type of pants is especially beneficial to people who engage in long hikes and when adequately predicting the weather is challenging and ineffective at best.

How to select the right Hiking Pants for Women

The market is packed full of different models for you to choose from but it does come down to what you would like to do in those pants and where to go too. Are you going on long hikes or easy climbs? Maybe you like to bike a lot and to cross different terrain for the fun of it? In any case, you will need a highly dependable pants that will not fail you when you most need them not to. In order to take the guesswork out of the equation, we evaluated a number of different models according to carefully selected criteria. Naturally, some did better than others and we can certainly outline Marmot Lobo and Prana Halle for they managed to score well in all categories. Another important consideration revolves around weight. Additional zippers and buttons that we can observe with zip off and sometimes roll up models and add unwanted weight, hence reducing mobility. We took notice of details in order to distinguish the models and present better arguments for their respective qualities.

Evaluation criteria
In order to better understand the nature and performance of these women pants, we decided to select a few different evaluation categories and those are mobility, water resistance, breathability, and special features. Let’s have a close look at all these.

Having in mind the variety of different trials the pants will be put through, they must really perform at a top level to be able to remain comfortable at all times. Whether you like to bike, mountain climbs, approaches and long distance hikes, there are models that can help you through it all. But are the comfortable enough? We determine mobility by measuring the length of stretch of the fabric and restriction on movement on other parts. The pants are required to move with and not against your will and this is essential in many aforementioned situations. Prana Halle and Marmot Lobo’s model topped the charts in this category, leaving Arcteryx Palisade closely behind.

This is an important factor for many reasons but mainly because the pants have to more or less match the function of an upper skin layer, allowing proper ventilation while remaining dry. Through activities, the body generates more heat and eventually sweats as a final measure to get rid of excess heat. The breathability aspect of this review refers to pants` ability to allow for sufficient ventilation of the legs. The roll up feature found in some modes is an example how this effect can me optimised and improved. In this category, we ca outline Kuhl Splash as well as the usual suspects Prana Halle and Marmot Lobo’s model for their excellent ventilation capabilities.

Best Water resistant Hiking Pants for Women

Typically, travellers will schedule their adventures according to the weather forecast, thus avoiding rains but every once in a while things turn ugly and water resistance pants come in really handy. This is a measure of how well the pants stood up against minor as well as more heavier precipitation. Another factor in this category is how fast the pants dry when they do get wet. This could be an important factor in longer travels and mountain approaches. In our tests, we discovered that Kuhl’s model dried the fastest, while North Face Paramount, Prana Halle and Marmot Lobo pants have been treated with a special product to prevent water from soaking in.

Special features
Different special features could be observed in different models. While the main considerations for most hikers remain breatability, mobility and comfort, water resistance, still spending long days, even weeks on a hike could prove a needy time for some extra special features if such are available. North Face Paramount and Marmot Lobo convert into shorts for example. Another examples Prana Halle, ExOfficio Nomad and Kuhl Splash convert into Capri size pants. An important consideration is the sun protection which is often assumed when wearing full size pants , however some models have UFP standard approve which stands in testimony to their sun protection capabilities. Prana Halle for instance does not have it, one of the few models that did not.

Giving all criteria observed, it was not very difficult to pick an obvious winner. Our choice falls on Marmot Lobo’s pans since it was the only model that scored extremely high in every category we tested. Feel free to check and compare prices since budget considerations might be in place as well.

Best Hiking Pants for Women Review
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