Best hiking gifts for the holidays in 2014

With Christmas just around the corner, one can not help but think of those closest to us and what they might like as a gift. If you have friends or relatives keen in spending time hiking, you might just grab them an awesome piece of gear for them to enjoy during their next adventure. Make no mistake, even the cold months are suitable for hiking if one truly holds this activity dear, besides Australia and New Zealand for instance enjoy hiking-friendly weather year-round and those are some fine destinations to go out in the wild. So now we have established that a hiking piece of equipment will make a most suitable gift for the holidays, and just try and imagine how unexpected it will be. That will certainly add more value to your efforts and every piece of hard currency that you spend will deliver invaluable joy and happiness. Just to ease your choice, we have assembled a list of fine offers with a short review for each item, all worthy of your consideration.

Why it is important to be well equipped when out hiking

When we dare venture into the wilderness, the comfort and security provided by urban style of living diminish within seconds leaving us alone against the powers of nature. Well, alone with our gear. We simply can’t stress enough how paramount good preparation is to achieving even a modest degree of comfort when hiking, although comfort may just be the least of your worries. Dangers such as cold weather, rain, wind and difficult terrain to pass through can be potentially life threatening if we neglect important considerations. Having this in mind, why not combine the cheer of the Christmas season with a solid gift that just keeps on giving time and again? Take a few minutes to review our selection of great hiking gifts.

Best Christmas Gift Hiking boots

Salomon Mens Quest Christmas Present Hiking Boots

We wouldn’t make it too far without trusty hiking boots now would we? Salomon Quest 4D GTX has been custom made to allow you to travel great distances with almost unexpected ease and comfort. While targeted at the midweight hiker, the model is reinforced with nylon mesh and suede leather and offers excellent stability, while fitting straight off the box. With this kind of shoes, one would feel urged to travel fast and light as the boots make for an excellent piece of equipment if hiking adventures take you far and wide into muddy terrain or crossing large snowy areas. Salomon Quest also offers a ridiculous warrenty of 2 or 3 years, compared to its competition that offers barely 1 year so that gives you an idea how much confidence the manufacturer has in the durability of its product. Warranty is a good parameter to look at when trying to estimate potential usefulness of a product. General rule of thumb states to expect to be able to use a given product for at least double the warranty time. A downside of this product may be the price as it currently sells at about $180-$210 which is among the higher priced boots of this class.

Best Tents for a Christmas Gift

Hilbert Anjan 2 Person Tent as Christmas Gift

Long hiking assumes the risk of having to spend a night under the stars instead of enjoying the warmth of a clean bed. For many, however, sleeping in tents adds to the thrill of hiking and we are inclined to agree. In order to make this experience as trouble free as possible, choosing the right tent can be a bit of a challenge. We offer you Hilleberg Anjan 2 which managed to impress with how spacious it is, fitting two mid-size people with greatest of ease. Three could manage as well with a degree of discomfort. In addition, the tent is very durable, making a complete mockery of trivial nuisance like wind and rain. Also worthy of pointing out, the manufacturer did not save on materials and the ones used can only be described as top quality. Potential downsides of this model are its weight which is somewhat above average as well as its price tag – a bit above $500 in most places. It is a costly gift to make but an invaluable one when fully applied.

A sleeping bag as an X-Mas Gift

Kabatic Gear Sawatch 15 F Sleeping Bag Gift for Christmas

A tent would not quite cut it if you want to sleep relatively warm. Stacking clothes is an old-fashioned approach dating back to the 18th century and we better not consider it altogether. Sleeping bags have become not only very popular but also warmer, more comfortable and versatile. Our choice for you is Katabatic Gear Sawatch 15 that simply stands out from the bunch with its ease of use and secure attachment mechanism. Packing size is great, making it easy to carry long distances without taking valuable space and comfort is well above the average. Warmth is among the best in its class as well making it one of the finest three season hiking and climbing sleeping bag.

Cheaper Christmas gift ideas for people that love hiking

In an effort to keep feed dry, isolated from the cold, yet still maintain reasonable degree of comfort, picking out proper socks is imperative to the hiking effort. SmartWool offers a great solution to all these problems combining very quick drying time (it the socks do get wet) as well as good isolation (to prevent that in the first place). Comfort is another big area of evaluation when it comes to socks and this model excels in this category beating most of its competition. These are best used for medium harshness kind of weather conditions when out hiking or trekking. Although not the least expensive choice out there, it is one of the better performers and will be greatly appreciated by whoever receives a pair.

An awesome backpack is always a great Christmas gift

Osprey Mens Aether 70 Backpack Christmas Gift 2014

Traveling long distances on foot requires some essential supplies to be brought about – food, spare clothes, sleeping bag, tent and utensils. In order to fit everything neatly without sacrificing space or overburdening yourself, you need to have the right backpack for the job. Our choice is the REI Crestrail 70 because of its high durability and excellent storage space, offering many additional pockets. Its made for backpacking, trekking, hiking and mountaineering and has virtually no downsides at all. Even the price is very lucrative compared to many other modes, currently selling at about $150-$170 which is fantastic value for money.

The Ultimate gift guide for a person that loves hiking

By now you probably have realised, if not appreciated to great importance of choosing proper gear when out hiking. The products reviewed are certainly not the only options you have when choosing your gift, but these were selected for their high performance and value for money ratio. We simply want you to give the best possible gift and you can’t go wrong with any of the choices presented.We believe that this list is going to give you more than a few ideas and we hope that you like our picks. If you have better ideas, we’d love to hear them from you in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and have an amazing Christmas with your family.


Best Christmas Presents for Hikers 2014
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