Arc’teryx RHO LT Zip – Women’s

Care to know why having this instead of your ordinary clothing can make a huge difference? Well, lets start with the obvious. This piece of high-end extreme living performance gear is suitable for a number of occasions the common every day urban clothing will fail miserably at. Imagine long underwear capable of taking you biking, skiing, mountain climbing and deep cave area exploration with ease. That’s right, its here now and only waiting for you to pick up the destination and it will do the rest. Well, maybe you will have to drive there or take other means of transportation but you got the idea.
Let’s now dive deeply into the depths of Arc’teryx RHO LT Zip for women:

Temperature Control

This top will surprise you with its versatility. On the one hand, it is perfectly capable of keeping you as warm as you need to be while not causing excessive sweating when the weather is more welcoming. If you must know, it actually remains vastly cool when it needs to be and that gives you an edge over those inclined to constantly change, putting things on and on to keep up with temperature differences. Temperature regulation capabilities are beyond value or estimation when its prime time for some high quality adventures. This piece of clothing accomplishes this incredible feat with ease and it is to be admired (and purchased) for that.
Drying time & breathing
This piece of hiking gear may not top the charts on drying speed but it surely holds a title or two when it comes to breathing. The merits of good breathibility extend beyond the need of explaining, so we’ll only go as far as to say you will not be left disappointed.

Arcteryx womens rho lt zip base layer hiking review


A category of utmost importance when it comes to being miles away from the nearest settlement and having to only rely on the gear and equipment you brought with yourself. Arc’teryx RHO LT Zip scored similar to other products in the category – quite satisfactory results for all items listed in this line of tops. In addition, it is worth mentioning that upon washing, there was hardly any shrinking at all, hence no immense pulling or stretching was at all necessary.


In this category, it is not as easy to glamorize the work of the manufacturer. They may have not included adding additional layers of clothing when designing the piece but that does not certainly justify the final result. Being the so called “next-to-skin” type of clothing does have its perks and the added visual appeal at that. At the same time, it is next to impossible to fit anything undearneath it which essentially restricts you to only have clothing worn on top which may be somewhat of an issue, depending on the situation of course. A bit of buzzkill if you will but at the same time not a dealbreaker for what it is worth.


While this is, recognizibly not the most valuable category in this review, we have included it just the same for the sole purpose of giving you a full highlight of its performance. This top is soft enough to keep discomforture at bay, yet flexible enough to allow the arms to move in all directions, thus facilitating passing through harsh terrain. It is important that one stays mobile while still feeling like its back at the lodge time with a cup of warm milk at hand.

In conclusion

Arc’teryx RHO LT Zip is overall a great performer, only lacking the needed quality when it comes to layering. For all its worth, it is a great base layer capable of outstanding achievements regardless whether you are out for a walk in the mountains or intend to live on the edge and indulge in extreme adventures.


Arc’teryx RHO LT Zip – Women’s Hiking Base Layer Review
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