About the Hiking Gear Guru

The Hiking Gear Guru website is dedicated to providing people that are just starting to realize just how great the outdoor world is and how much it has to offer with high quality reviews of the best gear that you could possibly need wherever you go. From what boots you might need on your next hiking adventure on the Appalachian Trail or in the finnish fjords we have the answer for you. Although the Hiking Gear Guru has a long history since 2013, the project has just recently started getting up to it’s full speed and the target reviews per week that we had in plan back when we first started the site.

We have just added a couple of people to our team and we’ll make sure to get high quality stuff your way, so you know what’s the best gear on the market. Aside from creating extensive how-to guides on a number of topics such as “how to pick the best hiking boots” as well as things such as “the best hiking trails in Massachusetts” or any other state for that matter.

Our goal is to be one of the 10 best outdoor websites online and the best website for hiking gear reviews and guides. We believe that with your help, this is going to be easy to achieve and hopefully we can grow together as a community and a website.

Come with us on this adventure to the unknown as we’d love to have you on board!

Here’s to a great 2017!